Gypsy Catholic is travelogue of faith, life, and the Life to come.  It is the personal blog of wanderer Bobby Angel and will feature posts from fellow writers and pilgrims along the Way. 

A Brief History

My mother is of Irish, English, and German descent.  My father is Hungarian, Czech, Romani, and...well, he doesn't really know the extent of our lineage, so he always summed us up as being "Gypsy mutts."  I haven't tested our bloodline, but I've always been keen on the idea of coming from a lineage of pilgrims whose home was the road.

Cradle Catholic from birth, my journey of life has forever been intertwined with the faith of my fathers.  I've tasted life without Jesus Christ and it does not satisfy.

I love the road and the adventure of travel.  I'm a husband and father, a wanderer and a writer.  This much I also know: this earth is not my home.  I also know I'm not alone.  I hope to bring in other writers and fellow travelers along the way to make sense of of the messiness of life and consider the Life to come. .

The site will be eclectic in scope and topic: essays, short stories, poems, artwork, etc.  My prayer is for a conversation to deepen and the messiness of the world to be engaged for the greater glory of God.

Happy reading! 

Bobby Angel
Totus tuus, Maria